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Privacy Warning

Privacy Warning for Visitors

We understand that users of this website may be seeking information about sensitive subjects including medical issues, domestic violence, or mental health.

If you need to leave this website quickly, the CLOSE WEBSITE link in the bottom-right is available at all times. Clicking this will immediately redirect you to a generic Google search for regional weather.

Warning: clicking CLOSE WEBSITE will not automatically clear your browser history. If you are concerned that another person might read your browser history and learn that you have visited this website, we strongly recommend clearing your website history as soon as possible or browse in a Private session (see instructions on this page).

How to clear your browser history »

Private Browser Sessions

When you use the internet, your browser will automatically keep a record of all websites that you visit, and this may be viewed by anyone with access to your computer or device.

While you can clear your history, most browsers now support Private sessions which do not retain any history of your activity.

How to start a Private session »